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Manual from A – Z

Manual from A to Z. Click on a letter to consult.

Airport – The Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport – Porto, is 43 km from the Hotel Mira Rio and the average travel time is about 35 minutes. For more information, please consult the Reception services.

Air conditioning – Inside each room, there is an air conditioning equipment with autonomous command, being possible to increase or decrease its temperature. Please do not leave the window open, forcing the air conditioning without having any effect on the room.

Amenities – In the bathroom you have at your disposal: shampoo, shower gel, soap, shower cap and comb.

Bar – The Hotel Bar operates on the ground floor of the hotel and is integrated in the lounge, with a drinks service, coffee shop and snack bar. Open from 14h00 to 21h00 hours.

Bar service in the room – The hotel has a bar service served in the room, composed by drinks, coffee and others. The price list is available in the information folder in the room. Whenever you need it, you should contact the reception and request the products available.

Bathrobe – contact reception for this purpose.

Breakfast – The improved continental breakfast is served in a room on the ground floor of the hotel, between 08h00 and 10h30.

Breakfast in the room – The hotel offers a breakfast service in the room, at the client’s request and with an additional service cost. Whenever you wish, please check with reception to identify the service charge.

Check In – Check-in at the unit may be done from 2pm onwards.

Check out – The check-out should be done until 12h00 at the latest. If you want a late check-out, which time will have the limit of 18H00 and with an increased cost of 50% of the daily rate. You must contact the reception to request it. The reception can only provide the same, if there is no reservation for the room on that day. We ask for the understanding of all our clients in the length of the departure schedule, thus facilitating that at the time of the check in, have the room cleaned and sanitized.

Cleaning service – It is available, daily and included in the room rate, between 9H00 and 13H30.

Coat hangers – If you need more coat hangers, please contact reception.

Code of Conduct (dressing) – It is not permitted to walk around bare trunk in the corridors, hall, reception, bar and breakfast room. It is not permitted to walk barefoot in these same areas.

Code of Conduct (behaviour) – The hotel reserves the right to prevent customers from staying in the unit if they show signs of violent or inappropriate behaviour.

Code of Conduct (moral) – As this is a hotel unit, all customers are asked to behave with respect for others, not promoting noise in the corridors at night or anywhere else in the unit.

Cheques – Only certified cheques are accepted for payment of invoices.
Boarding passes – You can print your boarding passes for free at the hotel reception.

Credit Card – The following cards are accepted in the unit – Visa/MasterCard.

Complaints book – The Hotel Mira Rio has a complaints book at the reception, as well as access to the electronic complaints book.

Doctors – The reception can give you local reference indications. In case of more serious problems, please ask for the ambulatory service.

Do not disturb – There is a leaflet inside the room, which should be placed on the outside door handle, in case you do not wish to be disturbed. If this flyer is kept until 2.30 p.m., as confirmed by the person responsible for the rooms and floors, the room will not be cleaned. You may, however, go to reception and ask for clean towels.

Drinking water – The tap water is drinkable, however we recommend the consumption of bottled water, at an additional cost and available at the hotel bar on the ground floor.

Deposit of valuables – If you wish to have any valuables stored in the hotel’s general safe, please deposit them in the individual safe which will be provided at reception and keep the key and hand the safe to the receptionist. The small safe will be kept in the general safe provided at reception.

Emergency in the bathroom – In all bathrooms, next to the bathtub, there is a device (small hanging wire) that, when activated, imitates a sound signal to the reception desk, identifying the origin. At the second signal the receptionist contacts the room, if there is no reply the receptionist goes to the room in order to evaluate the situation.

Emergency – 112

Environmental policy – “A small gesture makes a difference! Help us to rationalise natural resources. If you wish to reuse towels, leave them on their poles. The hotel and the environment thank you

Extra bed – with an additional cost, according to the season of the year, with rates available at reception and for the use of children up to 12 years old. Please contact reception if you need an extra bed in your room. Service subject to Availability.

Fax – Service provided by our reception contact.

Fire alarms – All rooms are equipped with fire detectors. The alarm system will be activated in case of excessive smoke in the rooms. All emergency exits are signposted with appropriate lighting, please refer to the emergency plan posted at the exit of your room.

Flowers – At the reception you can ask for some contacts of reference places or make the delivery request at the unit.

First aid – There is a first aid box at the hotel reception.

Hairdressing – Reception can provide some local contacts for reference.

Internet – Internet access is available free of charge in the entire hotel unit. Please ask at reception for the access password.

Information and booking – If you need any information not included in this manual or to create new reservations, please contact the reception.

Iron and ironing board – On request at Reception, free of charge.

Linen – beds and towels – The change of towels is done daily, whenever the client instructs us, according to the environmental policy also identified in the WCs.

Local money – Euro (€). The notes in circulation are 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euro. Coins are 2, 1 euro, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cent.

Lost and found – Any object found inside the room, after check-out, is delivered to the reception and registered. If the customer’s contact details exist, reception will contact the customer to arrange collection from the hotel or delivery to the address indicated by the customer at his/her own expense.

Laundry – If you wish to use this service, place your clothes inside the laundry bag in the room wardrobe, fill in the list of garments to be washed and deliver it to the reception by 12:30 pm. Your clothes will be delivered to you until 4pm the next day. The laundry price list can be found on the information panel in the room. For information and prices, please contact reception.

Light bulbs – The hotel is committed to saving electricity, with a concern and respect for the environment by having energy-saving light bulbs in all areas. If you notice any anomaly, please contact reception.

Mini Bar – The hotel has a mini-bar installed in the suites only. We ask our guests to behave correctly when checking out, filling out the consumption form and handing it in at reception. The minibars are checked and restocked daily. If you need to replace any item, please ask at reception. If you need to use the minibar to store something, please ask the reception desk to collect the existing items.


Outside services – For any type of outside service consult our reception, regarding: Churches and schedules; Municipal Services; Transport Services; Sports Activities Service; Cultural Services.

Pets – No pets are allowed, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.


– Esposende:

– Fão:

Phone – Please see letter T (for Telephone)

Photocopying and scanning – We can provide this service if you wish. We can also print your boarding passes or vouchers. Please consult the reception services.

Plug adaptor – Please contact reception.

Power – The electrical current in all outlets is 220v.

Parking – Hotel has a private outdoor car park. However, we are not responsible for damage to vehicles or improper conduct of the users of this space or others who may abusively invade it.

Rooms – All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, flat-screen TV with access to a fiber-optic channel package, direct dial telephone, wireless Internet access, work desk or desk, luggage equipment, information cover (personalized block), electronic lock, bath linen, bed linen, bathrobe and slippers (these two items, only available on request at a charge), private bathroom, bathtub and hand shower, hair dryer, mirror and amenities.

Room tariffs – The tariffs charged in the establishment during the different seasons of the year are available for consultation at the reception.

Rates of other services – The other rates in practice in the unit, namely bar service, laundry and others, are exposed in the rooms and in the places of use.

Reception – personalised, with our staff, working 24h, every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. Bilingual service (Portuguese, English and Spanish) and information and booking service. However, for security reasons the hotel entrance door closes at midnight, customers arriving after that hour will use the call bell to open it.

Reservations – You can make your reservation through

Safe box – The Hotel Mira Rio has a safe inside the room, inside the wardrobe for the exclusive use of the guest. There is also a safe in the reception area where you can have more efficient control of your belongings. For more information, contact the reception.

Smokers – Smoking is prohibited in the entire hotel unit.

Sports – There are several companies in the region that offer nautical and pedestrian sports activities. Contact the reception for all the information and programmes.

Taxi – Whenever necessary, please contact the reception for information and reservations.

Tidying up the room – The floor service starts at 09h00, starting with the cleaning and tidying of the rooms with expected arrival, being later tidied up and sanitized the rooms with continuity, whose availability for the effect should be provided until 12h30. Clothes are changed every three days or whenever deemed necessary. Towels, daily if the client gives instructions, according to the existing indications in the bathroom about the ecological and environmental component. If you do not wish to sanitize your room, please place the “DO NOT INCOMODATE” pendant on the outside door of your room or contact reception.

Telephone – To connect to the reception, dial the number 9 on the room telephone. To connect to another room dial the room number. To call outside, dial the reception and then dial 0 to get line and then the destination number. Automatic charge on room bill.


If by mistake you have not been allowed to use your telephone directly to the outside, you should request this possibility from reception using your own telephone.
Dial (0) to get mains power.
After a continuous tone, dial your desired number.
In case of any difficulties, please contact the reception.


    • 301 – LIVING ROOM/BAR
    • 3321 – AFTER 02h00, FOR ANY EMERGENCY

Phone impulse price – 0.10 €

Tourist Activities – Please contact reception for information on local tourist activities and reservations.


Transfers – In case you need transfer service, please contact our reception.

Valuables – The Hotel Mira Rio is not responsible for goods, namely money, jewellery or other valuables that are not deposited through the safekeeping service provided at the reception.

Video surveillance – The hotel has a closed circuit video surveillance system with data protection. This system is a complement of security in terms of intrusions in the hotel unit.


Wake up service – In case you need the wake up service, please ask the reception.

Wireless – The wireless system is available, free of charge, in the entire hotel unit. You should obtain the access password at the reception.



  • Tourist classification **
  • Double rooms – 10
  • Junior Suites – 3
  • Breakfast room
  • Living room
  • Bar
  • Air conditioning in the rooms with individual control
  • Fire detection system
  • Fiber TV
  • Mini Bar in the suites
  • General safe in the reception
  • Individual safes in the rooms
  • Hair dryer
  • Electric current 220 V
  • Reception service
  • Bar service in the room
  • Laundry service

For more information contact reception, from your room phone number 9